How to Apply for Benevolent Care

Benevolent Care Can Help You Get the Care You Need

Part of what sets an Asbury community apart is having the peace of mind knowing that if you outlive your financial resources through no fault of your own, you’ll still have a place to call home. It speaks directly to the commitment we have for those we serve. If you or a loved one is interested in Benevolent Care at an Asbury community, we are here to help.

Residents should apply for Benevolent Care three-to-six months before exhausting available assets and resources to ensure a smooth transition. Residents who are interested will receive all the resources they need to apply. Expect to be provided with the application form, instruction guide, question guide and requested items form.

Residents must complete, sign and return the application as well as supply any supporting documentation to the Executive Director of the community the resident currently lives. Residents are also asked to update their financial status form each time they enter a care level, such as moving from an apartment to assisted living. It’s important to note that due to the details of the Benevolent Care program, residents should expect to be open with their financial details.

Contact Us With Questions

Residents should contact their current community directly for any questions regarding our Benevolent Care program.

While the Asbury Foundation strives to ease the burden of residents, it is important to note that residents that have depleted their assets in order to qualify are not eligible.

There are minor variations of the Benevolent care policy at each community, and those interested in learning more about options can contact our communities below.

Benevolent Care Asbury Communities

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