Asbury Foundation Key Focus Areas

The Asbury Foundation focuses on key areas to maximize the philanthropic impact of our donor family’s gifts. These align the Foundation’s work with the Asbury Communities’ Strategic Blueprint, ensuring that we are helping deliver on its organizational imperative to create inspired experiences and connections and serve as well-being destinations for residents and ensure that we are caring for our associates so they can serve others.

This strategic framework serves as a bridge to the future, helping to expand Asbury’s Mission in innovative ways. Together, through philanthropy, we can make the exceptional happen.

Benevolent Care

illustration of a cupped hand with a heart above itA cornerstone of Asbury’s faith-based legacy to do all the good we can, benevolent care supports eligible Asbury residents who have outlived their resources through no fault of their own with funds to pay housing, medical, and other necessary expenses. In 2023, with the support of Asbury Foundation, Asbury Communities dispersed more than $4.1M in benevolent care across our continuing care retirement communities. Says one recipient’s family member, “When Mom became ill and needed to move to Assisted Living, uncertainly and anxiety abounded. With all of the concerns our family had to attend to, the existence of the Benevolent Care Fund removed the extremely big financial issue from our already-full plate, and for that our family will always be most thankful.”  Learn more about Asbury benevolent care.


Capital Projects

illustration of tall building in a blue circleGifts to capital campaigns empower donors to build new spaces and programs that impact their entire community of residents and family today and into the future. Capital enhancements have created breathtaking places to relax with friends or focus on your well-being across Asbury’s communities. New spaces like the Springhill Aquatic Center, a labyrinth for spiritual reflection at Asbury Solomons, John & Annie’s Bistro and Clyde’s Pub on the East Campus of Bethany Village, and the Rosborough Wellness & Brain Health Center for Excellence are ensuring that Asbury’s communities are well-being destinations for older adults.



illustration of bright light bulb in a blue circleInnovation is taking many forms across Asbury, from grants exploring how technology can support low-income seniors aging in place to solar-powered electric car chargers. It means bringing the outside world in for residents of our health care neighborhoods with limited mobility through virtual technology tools like Rendever. It’s making joining the fun or fitness at our communities possible for people with hearing issues through Eversound. It’s partnering with internationally acclaimed scientists and celebrated national foundations to do all the good we can – together.


Scholarships & Education

white graduation cap in blue circleThrough associate scholarships residents show that they care for those who meet their needs day in and day out. These gifts strengthen the Asbury family and deliver on Asbury’s associate value proposition of caring for you so you can serve others. As of 2023, philanthropic gifts to further the education of Asbury associates exceeded $520,000. These life-changing gifts mean the world to associates, supporting their career growth. Says recipient Renee McCreery, who plans to pursue a master’s degree in nursing with a focus on mental health, “Mental health is my passion and it’s an important part of working with seniors. I’m so grateful for the support from Asbury. Receiving a scholarship empowers me because it shows that others have faith in my skills.”


Special Programs

drawing of two people with a heart above them in a blue circleGifts for special programs enhance Asbury’s communities in ways that are as unique as the individuals who make them. But they have one thing in common – they benefit many. From dog parks that create a gathering space for like-minded residents and their chipper, four-legged friends to beautiful memorial gardens and chapels, to mini-golf courses and sunrooms, special programs are a wonderful way to enhance a community for current residents and future generations that recognizes a donor’s special passion or interest. Take a stroll around any Asbury community and you will see the footprints of our special programs funds.


Asbury General Fund

drawing of the Asbury Foundation logo's white heart in a blue circleGifts to the Asbury General Fund, formerly called the General Unrestricted Fund, allows Asbury Foundation Board members to designate funds that support vital projects for current or urgent needs – such as unforeseen expenses during COVID-19 – or for projects that advance Asbury’s strategic objectives and financial strength.