Asbury Foundation Partnership Program

Expedite a Move, Create Tax-Advantageous Income, or Leave a Legacy

For more than a decade, Asbury Foundation has offered a unique resource for people who are already living at or looking to move to an Asbury community – The Partnership Program. Utilizing IRS-approved charitable vehicles, Asbury Foundation’s Partnership Program can create solutions to:

  • help fund your entrance fee using your property and expedite your move
  • create steady, tax-advantageous income for you and/or your heirs
  • minimize or eliminate capital gains on the sale of highly appreciated assets
  • leave tax-advantageous gifts to your heirs

We invite you to view this video featuring stories of people we partnered with prior to their move to an Asbury community.

Interested in learning more about one of these options?

Please contact your sales counselor or choose the community you’re working with in the Contact Us form below.

We will put you in touch with an Asbury Foundation charitable giving expert. They will be happy to work with your financial advisors or family members to assess how the Partnership Program’s charitable tools may work for you.

Asbury Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) charitable organization which secures philanthropic funds to serve residents of Asbury. We are proud to be among a very select percentage of charitable organizations that hold Candid Platinum Transparency. Formerly known as Guidestar, Candid seeks to provide data on 501(c)(3) organizations, giving donors with a way to gauge their operations and credibility.