Endowment Funds Build for the Future

Making an endowment gift is one of the best ways to help provide a strong base of ongoing support for a program that you are passionate about at your Asbury community. With endowments, the principal of your gift is not spent. Rather, the gifts are invested in perpetuity, with only the income and appreciation used for the charitable purpose.

Asbury Foundation offers several ways to make a tax-deductible endowment gift to your chosen Asbury community. From immediate cash donations, to bequests and annuities, your local director of development is happy to work with you to find the best way for you to support an existing endowment fund or discuss the possibility of creating one for a specific program or interest of yours.

Funds Management and Impact

The Asbury Finance Committee selects and oversees the work of an investment manager to manage our endowment funds, which are invested in a diversified portfolio with a balanced allocation of fixed-income assets such as bonds and equities.

Residents of Asbury retirement communities have helped fund important programs such as benevolent care and make significant lifestyle enhancements for their fellow residents through supporting endowment funds.

Judi Jones sits on her porch at Asbury Solomons with the Patuxent River in the backgrounds. She is wearing a floral shirt and smiling at the camera.
Judi Jones, Asbury Solomons, 2022

Judi Jones became involved with the Asbury Foundation before she even joined Asbury Solomons in 2016: our Real Estate Partnership Program helped facilitate her move.

As a contributor to the Asbury Solomons Special Programs Endowment, Judi’s gift has benefited projects including a general scholarship fund, conservation landscaping and cistern project grant, and even the community Pet Park.

But it’s Judi’s involvement with the Asbury Solomons Healthcare Scholarship Fund that may be her most far-reaching and lasting legacy. “Helping associates continue their education is extremely important,” Judi says. “Every day I am impressed by the compassionate, dedicated professionals here. It means a great deal to support them.”

Asbury Foundation is greatly appreciative of residents like Judi and so many others who give back to their new home and neighbors with endowment support that grows exponentially through the years – impacting hundreds, even thousands, of seniors.

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