Asbury Foundation Strategic Framework

Welcome to the Heart of Asbury

In 2020, the Asbury Foundation’s leadership and Board of Directors finalized a Strategic Framework fully aligned to Asbury Communities’ Strategic Blueprint. asbury foundation logo heart is white heart inside a navy blue backgroundThe new framework does not change the Foundation’s Mission to enhance the lives of persons served by Asbury or the work we have been doing for these many decades. Rather, it is helping the Foundation to expand Asbury’s Mission of exploring possibilities to live our best lives. The Framework realigned our funds and priorities into six key areas: 

Investment options that allow our donor family to meet financial goals while benefitting the community and people they love has had a transformative impact on Asbury’s communities and the lives of residents. Through the generosity of our donor family, we support Asbury’s faith-based heritage, Mission, and organizational focus to create inspired connections and experiences for those we serve. 

A strategic focus on building endowments across Asbury’s communities has increased contributions by 237% since 2020, gifts that are funding everything from brain health programming and intergenerational and community outreach to associate scholarships. In the past 7 years, Asbury Foundation’s donor family has funded more than $17.5 in capital enhancements, including a $1.5M brain health and wellness center; a $3M aquatic center and outdoor recreation area; and a $12M, multi-year construction and redevelopment project that includes a new Community Center, Bistro & Bar, and Town Center. 

Building a Stronger Future

Asbury Foundation Board Fundraising Subcommittees

To further the success of the Foundation’s Strategic Framework, the Asbury Foundation Board created three new subcommittees to advance our fundraising objectives. They are the Endowments Committee, the Grants Committee, and the Real Estate Partnership committee. 

  • Through endowments, we create a base of ongoing financial support for important initiatives, such as associate education scholarships.
  • Through grants, we further innovation at our communities – and even expand Asbury’s Mission to seniors beyond our communities.
  • Through our Real Estate Partnerships, we support occupancy and revenue at our communities by finding creative ways to fund entrance fees and help prospective residents experience the Asbury lifestyle sooner. 

Transforming Donor Passion: Philanthropy in Action

Bridging the Present and Future Through Philanthropy

j.d. shuman headshot shows smiling white man in striped tie with stubbleConstant evaluation of the strategic plan lets you bring the present and the future closer together, so we may continue to expand our commitment to aligning donor passions with transformational opportunities. Thank you for providing life-changing support for your neighbors through benevolent care. Thank you for providing career-changing educational support for the associates who work on our campuses. And thank you for providing community-enhancing support that supports Asbury’s commitment to creating inspired connections and experiences.

 J.D. Shuman, Asbury Foundation President