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Benevolent Care

Learn more about the central promise of the Asbury mission, and how you can contribute.

How Your Gift Makes a Difference

When you support our Benevolent Care program, you’re helping residents who outlive their financial resources, through no fault of their own, to remain in Asbury communities.

All gifts made to a particular community are restricted for the benefit of that community and its residents. Excess revenue over expenses is used to update facilities and services. When benevolent care needs must be met through operational revenue, this reduces the amount available to improve the community in general.

Learn More About Benevolent Care

What Is Benevolent Care?

Who Is Eligible for Benevolent Care?

What Is The Benevolent Care Annual Fund?

What Is The Benevolent Care Endowment Fund?

What Are Community Operating Funds?

Benevolent Care by the Numbers

In 2019, more than $2.3 million in annual funds and unrestricted gifts were contributed to help meet immediate benevolent care needs in Asbury communities, and more than $1.3 million was pledged to endowment funds to support future needs.

With help from donors, 288 Asbury residents received benevolent care support or healthcare financial assistance because their savings, insurance or Medicaid did not fully cover the expenses of their care.

Benevolent Care Provided in 2019

Unreimbursed Medicaid Services

Donate to Benevolent Care Today

Making a donation to Asbury Benevolent Care is easy. Simply choose how you’d like to give and which of our communities you’d like to give to. Thank you in advance for helping us to fulfill our mission of doing all the good we can – in all the ways we can.

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