A Sustainable Fund for Sustainability

This 2022 story from our Asbury Foundation FOCUS Magazine archives is one of many inspiring stories sharing the actions of our donor family.

We have many reasons to celebrate our go-green efforts across the Asbury organization! There are many examples of how associates and residents get creative with environmentally-friendly programs.
Bethany Village is no exception – but it is unique in one respect: Residents there have created an Ecology Fund and Endowment focused entirely on green initiatives and environmental conservation efforts.

“We’re really trying to make Bethany Village a green community,” said Mary Anne Morefield, a Bethany Village resident and Chair of the Ecology Committee. “We think it’s a big selling point for our community, because people are concerned about the climate and keeping our water and our land safe and clean.”

This resident-led group is passionate about the community being able to maintain its green initiative projects. The endowment started with a $100,000 gift earlier this year designated specifically for green initiatives. Separately, residents Jim and Sandy Jones endowed the Bethany Village Sustainability Endowment with an additional $100,000 gift.

The sustainability projects at Bethany Village provide an incredible opportunity for residents to engage with their community.

“Being intentional in our efforts to collaborate gives us the opportunity to work with residents on these important sustainability projects,” said Asbury Foundation Director of Development at Bethany Village Jacob Kanagy. “There’s a real desire to be thinking long-term. Residents are thinking about their kids and grandkids. By doing this work here on campus, we’re doing our part to ensure that our efforts to create a better tomorrow are sustainable.”

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