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What You Gain from a Square Foot Loss

There’s no doubt that moving to a retirement community means losing some square footage. Yet most seniors who choose retirement community living feel that their world expands dramatically post-move.

Move During COVID-19? Why, yes!

Why did infection-control nurse Beth Shank move to an Asbury community five years earlier than planned, in the middle of a pandemic? "I could tell this place is really looking out for your safety."

The Science Behind Senior Living and Wellness

Science is clear on the value that physical and social activity have for seniors - and how living alone makes that a challenge. Learn how senior living communities inspire a more active lifestyle.

Senior Living and Safety During COVID-19

Most seniors and families say COVID-19 has made them nervous about moving now. The truth is that senior living is safer than you think. Learn more in the first of our Value of Community docuseries.

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