Philanthropy Touches Generations

This 2010 story from our Asbury Foundation FOCUS Magazine archives is one of many inspiring stories sharing the actions of our donor family.

Marjorie McFarland’s life flourished at Asbury Methodist Village. She loved the community and embraced every opportunity it provided and enjoyed the chance to immerse herself in the vibrant cultural scene of nearby Washington, D.C. Marjorie was a writer for Village Life, the community’s newspaper, loved tennis, art and music and was a frequent volunteer and spectator of the National Symphony Orchestra.

As one associate recalled, “Majorie’s wisdom was only surpassed by her wit and willingness to make a strong case for things she believed in.” Supporting benevolent care was among those things in which she believed.

Marjorie’s commitment to the mission of benevolent care, led her to name the Asbury Methodist Village Benevolent Care Endowment Fund the residuary beneficiary of her estate. Meaning, that after she made several specific bequests to other beneficiaries, the $1M remainder of her estate went to the Benevolent Care Endowment Fund.

Charitable bequests like Marjorie’s are not just generous; they also allow donors to retain control over their assets during their lifetime. It’s a wonderful way to make a lasting impact on causes that matter deeply to them. And in Marjorie’s case, her legacy continues to brighten the lives of those in need at Asbury Methodist Village.

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