Philanthropy Fuels a Parkinson’s Program

This 2011 story from our Asbury Foundation FOCUS Magazine archives is one of many inspiring stories sharing the actions of our donor family.

Parkinson’s disease is primarily a chronic and progressive movement disorder with no cure at present. Symptoms of PD include tremor of the limbs, jaw, and face; slowness of movement; stiff ness of the limbs and trunk; and/or impaired balance and coordination.

The Parkinson’s exercise program at Asbury Methodist Village, held twice per week in Kindley Assisted Living, helps residents deal with these symptoms and increases overall fitness. Artha Jean Snyder knows all too well the value of this type of program. Before her husband’s death six years ago, this class was a tremendous asset to him, helping him control muscle movement and creating a better quality of life.

She has made its continuation possible through a generous donation to the Asbury Foundation. Mrs. Snyder recently made an additional donation to make the class available to others who need more advanced workouts.

Jim MacKenzie is one resident who finds relief through these classes. He is one of many who attest to significant results that enhance their ability to perform daily tasks. Additionally, participants agree that coming together with others who are experiencing similar situations creates a feeling of camaraderie that helps lighten the spirits of all.

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