A Gift of Wi-Fi

This story from our philanthropic archives is an opportunity to draw inspiration from the actions of our donor family.

Some may picture retirement as leaving the fast-paced, workaday world for a slow, easy life of leisure. In reality, Asbury residents are far more interested in high-speed internet and streaming video than they are in comfortable loungers.

To help meet the evolving technology needs of retirees, Asbury Methodist Village residents Luann Mostello and Art Milholland made a gift through Asbury Foundation to provide free and open Wi-Fi at the community building in their Villas neighborhood. Funding the service through philanthropy allowed it to be installed immediately, and Luann and Art will cover the expenses for the first three years so it can be built gradually into the operating budget.

With the majority of Asbury Methodist Village’s community spaces now Wi-Fi enabled, residents without internet service in their homes as well as guests have options for access. “We made our gift in the spirit of education and community,” Art said. “It could not have been any easier or smoother.” For more information on how you can make a gift to help enhance life at your Asbury community, please contact a member of the Foundation team.

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