Philanthropy Sparks Memories

This 2015 story from our Asbury Foundation FOCUS Magazine archives is one of many inspiring stories sharing the actions of our donor family.

When Dwayne Trautman passed away, his children looked for a meaningful way to honor his life. Dwayne had suffered with memory loss, and his daughter Jill knew Springhill was hoping to launch a new program to help others like her father.

With memorial gifts totaling more than $5,800, Springhill engaged the Music and Memory nonprofit organization, which helps seniors suffering from cognitive and physical challenges find renewed meaning and connection in their lives through the gift of music.

Using personalized music playlists delivered on iPods, Springhill residents are able to tap into deep memories not lost to dementia. This music therapy can enable residents to feel like themselves again, to converse, socialize and stay present.

After completing the certification in late 2014, Springhill is rolling out the program this year. The community has purchased two laptop computers for downloading music onto iPods. The staff is working with families to complete a personal music assessment for residents who will pilot the program.

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