Staging Your Home to Sell

We’ve hosted dozens of downsizing and home sale seminars over the years, and we’ve gathered our fair share of tips from real estate professionals. Here’s a look at five that we consistently hear experts share. If you have questions about downsizing and moving, please contact our marketing team. Our moving coordination specialist has lots of local resources and expert advice, too!

  1. The Price Is Right
    Conventional real estate wisdom says to price your house on the high end, giving you room to bargain or to drop your price if activity is slow. But if you live in an active or hot real estate market, some suggest pricing your house as much as 15 percent below market value. That can result in strong interest and bidding wars that drive up your sale price. Not feeling that brave? Pricing it right – not high – generally results in stronger activity during those crucial first 30 days your home is on the market, experts note.
  2. Shop for a Savvy Realtor
    Interview several realtors and ask them about their average time to sale, what digital platforms they would use to list your home, and look at some of their listings. Do they showcase their homes with well-lit photos? Do they use engaging language in their descriptions? Do they sell often in your neighborhood and price range? Then, research their performance on the internet. They should have a strong presence online.
  3. Curb & Clean
    Curb appeal and your entrance set the tone and create an important impression before buyers even get to your updated bathroom. Could your yard use some new sod, shrubs and flowers? How does your mailbox look? Likewise, declutter, organize and decorate your entryway. Finally, even a well-kept house can use a deep cleaning – and often, that helps motivate some decluttering. A cleaning service is an inexpensive investment that can make a big difference, especially in bathrooms where mildew can be a real turnoff.
  4. Hire a Handyman
    Updating paint and fixtures in your bathrooms and kitchen are also important for creating a strong impression. Ask your friends for recommendations or contact us for a list of local vendors. Realtors particularly recommend re-painting rooms with dark or unusual colors in neutral tones, creating a blank slate for the buyers.
  5. Depersonalize and Declutter
    The less stuff your home has in it, the larger and brighter it will look. In addition, political posters or religious items may go against prospective buyers’ beliefs, so remove those along with family photo walls. The idea is to create a home where they can envision themselves – not you – living. Decluttering is not fun to start, but new residents often tell us they found the process cathartic and freeing once they began. Don’t hesitate to call us for local downsizing specialists and resources.
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