Why Waiting Is “A Huge Mistake”

Art & Cindy_LindsayFor everyone who has thought about moving to a retirement community only to think again and again as the years tick by, Art Lindsay has one thing to say: “That’s a huge mistake.”

At age 72, Art is one of the younger residents at Bethany Village. His wife, Cindy, is 10 years his junior and works as a school nurse. But Art saw first-hand what delaying a move because you’re ‘too young’ can mean.

Cindy’s aunt and uncle moved to Bethany Village when they were in their 80s. Cindy’s uncle was in failing health. When they visited Art would comment that it was a shame they couldn’t take advantage of all the community’s amenities. “I just fell in love with the community, the grounds, the whole package. There were many things I loved about the place – the garden plots and clubs, the woodworking shop, Fitness Center and pool – that I wanted to use now,” Art says.

Cindy still wasn’t sold. Avid outdoor enthusiasts, Art and Cindy also owned a home near the Appalachian Trail, which they kept after moving to Bethany.

“When Art first started talking about coming to Bethany, I kept saying I’m not ready, I’m too young,” Cindy says. But a marketer by trade, Art can be persuasive. When a Cottage became available just nine months after they joined the community’s Waiting List, Cindy still had trepidations.

“To be honest, I thought I was going to just put up with it here, but I’ve loved it. I thought I would miss our big house, but it just really feels like home here.”

Since then, Cindy’s mom has joined the community, too, and Art jokes that he’s going to run for Mayor of Bethany with all of the ready-made constituents he has.

“I’m a very particular person,” Art points out, “and in the four years we’ve been here I really have no negatives to share. I haven’t encountered one issue that I thought was a real problem that needs to be addressed.”


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