Endowment Creates Opportunities to Inspire, Enlighten and Entertain

Cokie Roberts. James Carville. Bob Woodward. Those are just three of the thought leaders who spoke at Asbury Methodist Village in the few years after resident Bill Mullinix moved into the community in December of 2017.

“It was just a wonderful experience,” says Bill. “I couldn’t believe that this famous person was right in front of me.”

That “wonderful experience” is one that Bill is eager to share with his Asbury friends and neighbors. Working with the Asbury Foundation, Bill has created a $1 million dollar endowment to fund a new speaker program. In addition to his endowment, Bill will make an annual gift to partner with the Asbury Foundation to sponsor speakers until the endowment is fulfilled when he passes away.

“I had no idea that such a thing existed,” says Bill. “I was thrilled to discover that I could do this and enjoy the benefits while I was still alive.”

The new speaker program will add another layer to the robust offerings of intellectual engagement at the community, including the Keese School of Continuing Education and the Rosborough Wellness and Brain Health Center for Excellence.

Speaker presentations will be broadcast on AVTV, the community’s campus TV station, so residents who aren’t physically able to attend will also reap the benefits.

Food for our brain

Intellectual engagement is like food for our brain. New interests, experiences, and the chance to interact with others (yes, social interaction is a form of learning) is important at every stage of life, but even more critical as we age.

A 2021 study that followed a group of SuperAgers — people who are in their 80s and beyond but have the cognitive function of those decades younger — found one key differentiator from those with poorer memories: The SuperAgers kept learning new things throughout their life.

Along with his endowment to the speaker series, Bill supports the annual Music for the Mission program, associate scholarships, and countless other initiatives. He also created an annuity though the Asbury Foundation not long after he moved in.

“I love my Trott apartment and the sense of family that exists across this community,” says Bill. “It’s not just the residents who feel like family, it’s the associates, too. It’s unlike any place I have ever lived.”

Bill hopes to inspire other members of the community to follow in his footsteps of giving. “I want Asbury to succeed in every way possible. It’s a wonderful place.”

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