Why I Give

Asbury Foundation President & CEO J.D. Shuman shares a personal story about why he gives and invites you to do the same.

In a time unlike any other, one thing has remained consistent: your dedication to supporting the Asbury Foundation. Together, we have stepped up and found inspiring ways to support those who depend on us the most.

We would like to share the incredible impact you have helped to make at each Asbury community this year. Thanks to the generous support of our philanthropic partners, we’re able to honor our Benevolent Care promise. Following nearly a century of tradition, we continue to focus on our mission to “do all the good we can” and never ask a resident to leave their home when they’ve depleted their financial resources through no fault of their own.

As we see an increased need for Benevolent Care, your generous philanthropy is more important than ever. We depend on friends like you to help support Benevolent Care. Every dollar you give to your Asbury community remains at the community and supports residents who may be facing the stress and anxiety of seeing their funds depleted. Together, we turn the stress and anxieties these residents are facing into relief and peace, knowing we are here for them and they will not be asked to leave their home.

Please consider making a gift to benefit your Asbury community. Click here to make a donation online today.


We are sharing why residents, associates, family, and friends choose to support the Asbury Foundation – and we want to hear from YOU. Reach out to us on Facebook or email to tell us why you give.

Look for emails, social media posts, or check back here throughout the remainder of the year as we highlight donors sharing their reasons for support.