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You can always anticipate more at RiverWoods, whether that means tending tomatoes in the communal garden or enjoying a game of volleyball in the pool. Meet Cottage residents Pam and Paul Mauger and keep reading to learn what residents have to say about life in this close-knit community.

""We tell our friends, make the move now!""

“We moved to RiverWoods because we wanted to lighten the burden of home ownership. When we travel, we don’t have to worry because our residence is being looked after. We also didn’t want our family to have to make decisions about where we live—we made the move on our terms. We’ve lived at RiverWoods for 10 years and we tell all of our friends, make the move now!”

Larry and Clara Kemmerer

""I'm so glad I moved here.""

“I have an art degree and I love that I can do a variety of crafts at RiverWoods. We have come up with some great ideas for craft projects and then we have a sale of all of the items we create that benefits Benevolent Care Fund. I have met so many friends in the craft studio. I’m so glad I moved here and can continue doing the crafts I love for a good cause.”

Ann Doebler

""Our children were ecstatic with our decision.""

We made the decision after watching family and friends not make decisions in some cases, and we found that the longer they put it off the harder it was to move. We wanted to be comfortable in moving and to be able to start being involved in our new community while we were still highly mobile and energetic. Our children ... were ecstatic that we had made this decision because they had seen us working with reluctant parents, their grandparents, to move."

Paul Mauger


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