RiverWoods Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a CCRC?

Will I still be able to cook at Riverwoods?

Will I remain in charge of my financial assets at Riverwoods?

Can I bring my pet to Riverwoods?

What sets Riverwoods apart?

Will I be able to deduct any of my RiverWoods fees from my income taxes?

How does continuing care work at RiverWoods?

Do you offer benevolent care at RiverWoods?

What does it cost to live at RiverWoods?

What are the health benefits of living at the RiverWoods CCRC?

What is the benefit of the RiverWoods continuing care retirement community?

If I’m not a churchgoer, will I fit in at RiverWoods?

Who operates RiverWoods and what role do residents play?