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Environmental Stewardship

Going Green at Asbury Solomons

With its unique waterfront location, Asbury Solomons residents are passionate about protecting the environment. Their Go Green Committee leads efforts to promote this stewardship through awareness and action.

Under the Go Green Committee’s efforts, Earth Day at Asbury Solomons has become a monthly series of events and lectures. Our annual celebration opens the community to students and other groups to highlight and promote the importance of environmental stewardship.

In 10 years, members added more than 1 million oysters to the Patuxent River, growing many of the young oysters in cages off their dock and using funds they raise annually to purchase more from area conservationists. Did you know that one oyster can filter up to 50 gallons of water a day?

Now, Go Green members are working with community associates on a Rain Garden project that will reduce run-off into the Patuxtent River from Asbury Solomons’ campus. And, in 2019 Go Green members led the charge to collect 500 pounds of plastic grocery bags for a recycling challenge by the Trex composite decking company. Called From Bags to Benches, Trex promises a composite bench to any group that meets their challenge in a six-month period. Asbury Solomons completed it in four months, gathering more than 40,500 bags!

In fact, the Go Green Committee gets credit for expanding the community’s recycling efforts to such a degree that Asbury Solomons earned the Maryland Recycling Network’s Outstanding Environmental and Community Leadership Award in 2016. In one year, approximately 175 tons of materials were recycled rather than sent to a landfill.

Meet Sue Hu, a former science teacher whose efforts with our Go Green Committee have been integral to its growth.

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