Asbury Solomons Residential Living Entrance Fee Plans

With entrance fees starting around $181,000 and one-bedroom apartment monthly services fees beginning at $2,819, you will be surprised how affordable living at Asbury Solomons can be. Discover the available plans for our waterfront community, knowing the vibrant and fulfilling lifestyle that awaits.

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Why Is an Entry Fee Needed?

Your entrance fee at Asbury Solomon provides you with added security along with new connections and meaningful opportunities to enjoy a vibrant lifestyle along the water. Should you require additional support, your entry fee guarantees the flexibility to move through more advanced levels of care without leaving our community or the connections you’ve built. And, as a not-for-profit retirement community, should a resident outlive their financial resources through no fault of their own, they can apply for Benevolent Care which provides assistance with monthly fees, food, medical care, medications and health insurance.

Moving to Asbury Solomons brings much more than a new home just a stone’s throw away from the Patuxent River. A beautiful campus, a wide range of cultural, educational, and wellness programs, and an exceptional staff whose Mission is to support purposeful living are all made possible with the support of entrance fees. Your entrance fee provides a foundation for upkeep, enhancements and the outstanding services residents here experience.

The 80% Refundable Plan

With this plan option you receive a 80% refund of your entrance fee* payable to you or your estate, at the time you are no longer a resident of Asbury Solomons. You’ll have the ability to plan for your future by predicting the amount of your refund while safeguarding any other assets you have. Additional details can be found in our pricing plans document.

The Standard Plan

For our Standard Plan, the entrance fee you pay is partially refundable* during the first 60 months of residency at Asbury Solomons. Your refund will decrease by a rate of 1.667% for each month of residency, after 60 months, there is no longer an option for a refund. This plan is the most affordable way to enjoy waterfront living at Asbury Solomons since it has the lowest entrance fees.

Explore Our Entrance Fee Details

At Asbury Solomons, your entrance fee is the base for a vibrant lifestyle along the waterfront. The best part is most seniors who are currently homeowners have the means to join us at Solomons.

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*Generally, the entrance fee is refunded when your residence is re-occupied by a resident who pays a new entrance fee. Specific terms regarding the refund of entrance fees are contained in the Residency Agreement. Carefully read the Residency Agreement for the conditions that must be satisfied before Asbury is required to pay the entrance fee refund.

Is Solomons a good financial fit for you?

With just a few simple questions, our easy-to-use calculator will help you find out which of Solomons’s options might be the best financial match for you.

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