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senior woman works on SmartFIT exergaming board tapping lighted circles with drumsticks

Aging Well

Optimizing Cognitive Wellness with Dual Task Training

By integrating dual task training into their daily routines, older adults can harness the benefits of cognitive-motor integration, enhancing both mental acuity and physical resilience.

hot air balloon at sunrise floats above a vast canyon with river flowing through it

Aging Well

Retirement Living Opens Door to Senior Travel

Maintenance-free senior living makes travel a breeze. Meet three couples whose retirement travel dreams have come true as they globe trot and road trip their way into adventure.

male and female senior gardeners deadhead flowers by a large hydrangea bush and put them into wheelbarrow

Aging Well

Down to Earth – Gardening at Asbury

Ask veteran gardener Linda Davis the secret to her ‘green thumb’ and she will mention “learning some soil science and reading the clues plants give as they grow.”

senior living during covid19

Aging Well

How Social Connections Keep Seniors Healthy

Countless studies support the science behind social connection in combating loneliness and promoting brain health. Learn how senior living expands older adults' ability to stay engaged as they age.

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