Messages of Thanks

We are so grateful for this recognition of the commitment and caring that associates show to the seniors we serve, and for their continued focus on safety and well-being. Enjoy this video and more messages of gratitude below!

Many, many thanks to ALL the associates on our campus. You have all been here for us. The meals are fabulous, the cleaning of public areas is exceptional, and your care and compassion are evident in everything you do. We thrive because of YOU. We are very appreciative of the excellent care we are given. Hats off to the administration, all associates, health staff, food services, housekeeping, and the Foundation. Asbury Strong!!! We will get through this!” Residents, Asbury Methodist Village

“On behalf of out entire family, we would like to thank you for everything being done to protect our mom in Wilson Health Care Center. Practicing in these unprecedented times is not easy. I do it myself as an ICU nurse. Exhausting is an understatement! Please know how much you are appreciated. Stay healthy and stay safe for all who love you!” Daughter, Wilson Health Care at Asbury Methodist Village

“Thanks to all the Asbury Place Kingsport and Asbury at Home employees. We are so grateful for how you have cared for our parents. The care you give them is always awesome, but especially so during this time of COVID-19.” Daughter, Asbury Place Kingsport

Thank you so much for being so cautious and having rules in place that coincide with the recommendations of the CDC. We appreciate your care & concern for our loved ones.” Daughter, Asbury Place Kingsport

“These months have brought so many changes: I miss my friends, my church, my volunteer work; all the things that filled my days and my life. I have felt secure here – free from the anxieties that so many have faced. This is because of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual support of our kind, compassionate, and dedicated staff who have worked so hard to insure our safety, comfort, and peace of mind. They truly are heroes! May their lives be filled with richest blessings – as they have blest ours.” Resident, Asbury Place Maryville

“I just wanted to thank Brooke from our whole family for taking such care with our mother. Her bi-weekly updates have helped us know how things are going for her and Brooke is always so courteous and kind. When all this is over we will be bringing her something special for doing such an excellent job. Thank you Brooke!” Daughter, assisted living at Asbury Place Maryville

“Thank you to our wonderful dining team. Food always early or on time, and so many ‘extra’ little things you do with special desserts and speedy grocery delivery. We sure appreciate you all!” Resident, Asbury Solomons 

I am most appreciative of the care the nurses, associates and staff are providing to my father at Asbury Solomons Health Care Center. It gives me so much peace of mind to know that he is being well cared for by all of you. Thank you from our family.” Daughter, Asbury Solomons

The mobile Beach Social associates threw was lots of fun! Three cheers for Bethany! Resident, Bethany Village

“To all the staff here, I would like to extend my sincere thanks for all the extra effort you have made to make the restrictions and inconveniences due to COVID-19 more tolerable. You have made meals and groceries available and have provided activities and entertainment to keep us busy but also safe and healthy and these have been very much appreciated. My family has expressed to me that they are so thankful that I am a resident here where my health and well-being during this crisis is certainly a priority. Of course, I am very thankful too that I am a resident here. Many thanks and my prayer is that you all stay healthy and are able to keep up your wonderful work.” Resident, Bethany Village

“Everyone has been so thoughtful and caring. The smiles and waves from all who pass by my cottage cheer me up to face another day. Thanks for all the delivered meals and little surprises. Stay safe!” Resident, Normandie Ridge

“Being at a distance makes me all the more appreciative of all the precautions that have been put in place. Thank you for the inconveniences you (staff) have put up with in order to keep Normadie Ridge virus-free.” Daughter, Normandie Ridge

“I want to thank you for going above and beyond. Bless you all at this time and always. I really appreciate what you do for the residents.” Daughter, RiverWoods

“To all Riverwoods employees, thank you, thank you. Each and everyone of you for your constant service, you all are awesome people, and please do take care of yourselves.” Residents, RiverWoods

“It is going to be hard to type my gratitude in words. My siblings and I say almost every day, “thank God Mom and Dad are at Springhill!” The level of kindness and thoughtfulness along with the cleanliness and ambiance of Springhill make it such a wonderful place to live. [We] are so touched by the outpouring of caring gestures that bring them so much joy and a sense of community. I am so grateful for your inventive spirit, to think of ways to bring them treats, rolling carts up going up and down the halls with food and drink and music, and even the patience to come in and help them with technology so we can communicate face-to-face! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making sure my parents are happy and healthy – there is no better gift!” Daughter, Springhill

“Thank you all. Not only do you have yourselves and your own families to worry about, now you are “family” to those loved ones that we are cut off from. I have always admired the work you do caring for this population that is so in need of daily help. But now you are the emotional and psychological support as well. You are literally on the front lines. Thank you for your hard work, your patience, your kindness, and your continued carefulness!”  Daughter, memory care at Springhill


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