Springhill Leadership Shapes Success

Throughout the Asbury system, campus and corporate leaders balance daily decisions and management practices with long-term strategic planning and focus. They are supported by volunteer board members whose diverse experience and backgrounds contribute to fulfilling the Mission and Vision of Asbury, as well as Springhill. Working hand-in-hand, these leaders support quality and innovation in services for current and future generations of older adults. Springhill places great emphasis on stewardship, financial strength and quality, all reflective of the Core Values of the Asbury system.

Campus Leadership Team

Jane E. Gibson, RN, MSN, CDP

Executive Director 
Jane E. Gibson, RN, MSN, CDPI find in my every day work that I learn so much from the residents about life and living. My hope is that I am able to give back to them even a portion of what they have provided to others throughout their lives. Our Springhill community is really just a big extended family. The kindness and hospitality that evolves within our community of residents, associates, volunteers, and family members is not only genuine, but expected. We make a difference!


Sharon Belovarac, BSN, RN, CNHA

Administrator of ForestView Health Care Center
Sharon Belovarac, BSN, RN, CNHAI find it very fulfilling and interesting to work at Springhill Senior Living, getting to know residents at all levels of living at our community and being responsible for ensuring they receive quality, dignified health care services by compassionate associates.



Lou DePalma

Facilities General Manager
Lou DePalmaI take great pleasure in being able to provide quality customer service to seniors, something I’ve been doing for more than 35 years. My team’s goal is to make residents’ homes comfortable each and every day, and the interaction we have while doing that is one of this job’s best perks. I enjoy using my technical skills, along with my experience in emergency medical services and safety scenario planning, to make community members’ lives carefree and secure.

Patricia A. Leuschen

Director of Sales & Marketing
Patricia A. LeuschenGenuine interest, compassion and thoughtfulness toward others is a common thread among Springhill residents, families, associates, management and Board members. I am truly privileged to be a part of and delighted to be able to introduce new residents and their families to Springhill!




Emily Hill, RN BSN

Director of Health Services

Emily Hill, RN BSNI have had the opportunity to work in a number of positions within the continuum. I have been blessed with the opportunity to develop my career caring for and supporting the residents of Springhill. I take great pride in being a part of a team that goes above and beyond every day, not for the recognition but because it is something they truly care about. Doing All the Good They Can….

Katie MacKenzie

Director of Resident Life
Katie MacKenzieI have worked in the human services field for almost 20 years. I am fortunate that my role as Director of Resident Life allows me to develop new friendships with residents, families, and associates on a daily basis. My job is not just planning resident programs and events, but rather “experiences” on campus and in the community that help promote the health and well-being of residents. I thoroughly enjoy the work that I do and look forward to providing leadership to the experienced staff in the Resident Life Department.

Linda Vestrand

Director of Human Resources
Linda VestrandI feel so fortunate to be part of such a remarkable team. Every day I am inspired by Springhill associates who are committed to providing top levels of care and services to residents. It is my job to support associates, so they have an amazing work experience and can continue to give their best. I couldn’t ask for a better place to spend my days, working to do all the good I can for those we serve.


Melinda Taylor

Director of Dining Services
Melinda TaylorI feel fortunate to have the opportunity to enhance residents’ quality of life through food and dining choices. I have enjoyed a 32-year career in dining services in various venues and with these combined experiences, I help direct the dining team’s mission to provide a dining experience that includes wonderful food and a pleasant, welcoming atmosphere to enjoy gathering and celebrating with each other.



Asbury Atlantic, Inc.

Springhill in Erie, Pa., is owned and operated by Asbury Atlantic, Inc., which is the provider and legal entity responsible for providing services to the residents of this community.

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