Springhill Residential Living Entrance Fee Plans

More Than Just a New Home

With entrance fees starting around $117,800 and one-bedroom apartment fees beginning at $2,611, you will be surprised at how affordable living at Springhill can be.

At Springhill, your entrance fee pays for far more than just a new home. You’ll experience freedom from worry, home maintenance and independence to live a meaningful life surrounded by wonderful people – on a beautiful, well-maintained campus. With your support, we’re able to keep transforming our community to create a more engaging lifestyle for residents. Entrance fees aren’t just supporting a place to live, they are enabling a better way of living.

Entrance fees bring the added comfort and security of knowing that your place in our community is secure should your health needs change. Our advanced levels of care provide peace of mind, as does our Care Navigation team that helps coordinate health services. And, as a not-for-profit retirement community, should a resident outlive their financial resources through no fault of their own, they can apply for Benevolent Care which provides assistance with monthly fees, food, medical care, medications and health insurance.

Just a few miles from Lake Erie, lies a retirement community surrounded by natural beauty without giving up the convenience’s city living.  With a wide variety of entrance fee plans to choose from, you not just paying for your residence, but the dozens of services and amenities our community has to offer.

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90% Refundable Plan (Garden Home Residents Only)

This entrance fee plan provides you with a 90% refund of your entrance fee*, payable to you or estate, at the time you are no longer a resident of Asbury, offers a way to help preserve your assets for the future.

50% Refundable Plan

If you’re looking for a plan that reduces your up-front cost, the 50% plan is a great option. When you are no longer a resident of Springhill you or your estate will receive 50% of your entrance fee*. Enjoy the benefit of long-term value when it comes to preserving your assets.

Standard Plan

The most affordable way to become part of Springhill is through the Standard Plan regardless of the living option you choose. Over your first 60 months of residence, you have option for a refund. Your refund depreciates at a rate of 1.667% per month of residency. After the 60 months, there is no refund.

Discover More About Springhill

Springhill is all about offering residents a more meaningful life in a natural setting. Your next chapter can be filled with comfort and pursuing passions. Join our community and discover just how far a dash of vibrancy can go.

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*Generally, the entrance fee is refunded when your residence is re-occupied by a resident who pays a new entrance fee. Specific terms regarding the refund of entrance fees are contained in the Residency Agreement. Carefully read the Residency Agreement for the conditions that must be satisfied before Asbury is required to pay the entrance fee refund.

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