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Frank’s story: Before Asbury Solomons was a reality my wife, Miriam, and I stood on the river bank looking out over the Patuxent as it gently flowed toward the Chesapeake Bay.  It was a peaceful picture and we decided then that this was where we would retire.  What a fateful decision that was.  Miriam’s health was already in decline as a result of a massive stroke, so we knew that we needed a place that would provide the care we would both probably need.  Asbury Methodist Village had a great reputation established over a seventy year period so we were confident that our decision was the right one.

During the construction phase, we visited every other week, watching the building take shape, went to the periodic “get acquainted” luncheons, explored the area of Solomons and St. Mary’s county and by the time it was time to move in, we knew our new home, were at home in the area and had a few new friends.  We moved in January 1997, just three months after the facility was opened.

After a few years, Miriam died.  Because of the care she received and the loving support of her fellow residents, her burdens were eased and she was happy.  I could not have asked for more.

From the very beginning, a sense of family unity spontaneously developed.  When a new resident arrived the “Old Timers” would gather as a welcoming committee so that the transition from beloved home to an independent retirement residence was eased.  Residents, without any hesitation, when they saw a need they acted.  Committees were developed for entertainment, health, safety, cards and other games, bridge, golf, art, and the list goes on.

Peggy’s story: Moving to Asbury was a difficult decision for me. My first husband, Jim had been dead for three years.  I was living alone with a big house and a yard to take care of.  While driving to Patuxent Naval Air Station, I saw the Asbury Solomons retirement sign.  In curiosity, I drove up Patuxent Parkway to the campus and looked around.  After I returned home, I thought about what I had seen and decided to make an appointment.  In the meantime, I discussed the matter with my children.  It was a split decision.  One go and one no.  In the end, I decided it was the place for me.

Their story: As a widow and widower we were happy and very involved with the many activities at Asbury, but things were about to change.  A mutual friend insisted we attend card night held in the Game Room.  We independently resisted, but it was not to be. After many card games, dinners and social gatherings we were married.  In October 2002, a wedding reception was held in the Club Room of the new South Wing.

Today we live an unexpectedly wonderful and happy life.  We take maximum advantage of the many activities afforded at Asbury Solomons.  The opportunities are endless.  Life is good!

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