The 8:30 Bunch

The 8:30 BunchIn 2007, Asbury Solomons’ residents Martha, Rebecca, Vivian, Susan, Kay, and Fran decided that they would like to get together on their own to do some weight training.  Vivian Aldridge followed up with the wellness staff to ask if they could set up the group with a program

The group started to meet at 8:30 a.m. a few days a week. Class was led occasionally by a Wellness Associate but transitioned to become self-instructed.  As Vivian recalls, “I don’t even know how I became the leader, but I just am!”  Shirts were designed that read:  “8:30 Bunch, Fun, Fitness, Friends.”  They are worn with pride.

Beyond a structured exercise routine, the “Bunch” now meets to catch up on the day’s current events and talk about family, life, the community and even occasionally controversial topics such as politics and religion, all within a very diverse, inclusive and accepting environment.  What started out as a way to hold each other accountable for physical wellness, the 8:30 Bunch has become a comprehensive wellness vehicle. The group provides a support system, emotional outlet, social interaction, and global discussion group.  Oh, and they exercise for 45 minutes too!

The group has nine members that enjoy “Fun.  Fitness.  Friends.  HealthAbility™”

Group average physical improvements

  • Chair Stands   27% Improvement
  • 30-second arm curl:  44% Improvement
  • 2-minute step:  20% Improvement
  • Chair sit and reach  28% Improvement
  • 8-foot up-and-go  8% Improvement
  • Single leg stand  73% Improvement
  • Comprehensive Wellness Beyond measure!

Retirement lifestyle at Asbury Solomons is fulfilling and exciting.

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