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Senior Living in Gaithersburg

Your whole life has been about doing things that matter. Creating something. Making a difference. Why should it be any different now? At Asbury Methodist Village, you’ll find a community full of energy and opportunity. It’s not a place to retire from life. It’s a place where you can anticipate much more.

More Opportunities to Learn and Grow

What makes Gaithersburg retirement living special is the people you’ll find thriving here, a diverse group that mirrors one of the nation’s most diverse cities. Intelligent, curious and driven to continue their personal development, the people who live here are passionate about maintaining a rewarding lifestyle full of rich, new experiences and opportunities to explore the world around them.

Asbury Methodist Village residents are accustomed to forging their own path. In fact, the resident-run programming here – complete with educational groups and fun extracurricular activities – cannot be matched.

Wellness: More Than Fitness

At its heart, living well is about finding balance among mind, body and soul. At Asbury Methodist Village, wellness doesn’t focus just on the physical aspects of health, rather our program is rooted in a belief that five other aspects of well-being deserve equal attention – social, intellectual, emotional, spiritual and vocational.

Yes, Asbury Methodist Village has wonderful fitness facilities, but you’ll also find workouts for your brain and soul. View the current lectures and classes offered by the resident-run Keese School. Enjoy our unique Strathmore partnership with Artist-in-Residence performances on campus and discounted rates to Strathmore performances.View a full catalog of resident clubs and programs.

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