From any vantage point on our campus you can stop, look around, and see a lush expanse of trees. That’s because Asbury is an officially certified arboretum, boasting 134 acres of beautiful foliage, walking trails, and wildlife. With rolling hills, a pond and stream, and green spaces rich with beautiful shrubs, trees and our Wildlife Preserve, there’s a reason that National Geographic photographer Joel Sartore called Asbury “a rural oasis in an urban setting.”

Home to a 17-acre Wildlife Preserve, Asbury Methodist Village is a certified Wildlife at Work site with a commitment to maintaining an eco-friendly campus that goes beyond just having a beautiful place to live. Asbury is dedicated to nurturing our environment and creating a space that will grow, evolve and sustain hundreds of species of plant and animal life for decades to come.

What began in 2005 as a group of residents seeking to create a bird sanctuary has grown into a much larger commitment to use our beautiful green space to help the Gaithersburg community and the planet. Steered by a volunteer campus council of residents and associates, the Wildlife Preserve has created a safe haven for a herd of deer, foxes, bluebirds, waterfowl, endangered honey bees, and has served as a place for area school children to explore nature and art.

Environmental stewardship on campus

Asbury Methodist Village continues to grow its environmental commitment, which includes multiple years of recognition from Gaithersburg City for our recycling efforts.

In 2019, our campus became the first continuing care retirement community in Maryland to earn arboretum status from Arbnet. The arboretum is governed by the resident-run Wildlife Habitat Team with additional support from interested associates and the Building, Grounds and Environment Partnership Advisory Committee.

In 2017 Asbury partnered with Compost Crew to turn our food waste into compost, contributing to healthy gardens all across Montgomery County, Md. In our first year, Asbury saved close to 84 tons of food waste from our kitchens and dining venues from entering landfills. Since then, Asbury has expanded our composting program to include food waste from residents who live at our community.

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