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Getting involved, staying engaged, giving back. Asbury residents care about making a difference in their community, in the world and with their neighbors. Every resident is different but they are all committed to making life better in their own way. Here are their stories.

Fred Brown

Paying It Forward

He’s never been a teacher, yet Fred Brown has helped shape the future of thousands of students across the United States. Read More »



Carlee & Howard Hallmans

Carlee & Howard Hallman

By Rev. Carlee Hallman

Even knowing the value and benefits of moving to a retirement community, the journey a person must travel in order to get there is an emotionally challenging one. Read More »


Edith Hefner

The Building Blocks of Healthy Aging: Edith Isacke

At 90 years old, Edith Isacke is a veritable poster child for the rewards of a life well”ness” lived. Read More »



Ron & Pam

Couple Logs 400 Miles in England

Meet Ron Stevenson and Pam Parmer. Outdoor enthusiasts who have taken three 100-mile walks across England and Scotland, Ron and Pam are heading on another 100 miler through England’s Cotswolds region this fall. Read More »



Mary Ebinger

Asbury’s Own Dear Abby

Although Mary Ebinger would be the first to say that aging is a blessing, as a certified pastoral counselor, she is not one to dismiss the hardships that come with it – including the loss of loved ones. Read More »


Ruth Anne

Ruth Anne Thran: A Glimpse of Cuba

When Villas resident Ruth Anne Thran saw an advertisement posted by a choral group at Asbury Methodist Village for a People to People Cultural Exchange to Cuba, she was the first one to sign up. Read More »



Phyllis Naylor

A Writer’s Life: Phyllis Naylor

It’s the rare octogenarian who has higher name recognition among today’s youth than she does among her peers, but that just might be the case with Phyllis Naylor. Read More »



Villa Ladies

A Friendship for the Ages

When Barbara Fletcher, Nancy Fassett and Margaret Sugg first teamed up as roommates in Washington, D.C., during the 1960s, they never would have predicted they would be moving to a retirement community together four decades later. Read More »



Marilyn Gaut

Marilyn Gaut

When Marilyn Gaut moved to Asbury with her husband Hal 10 years ago, she was wary of adding to her already-busy volunteer schedule by jumping into the many opportunities the community offers for those interested in serving others. Read More »



Barbara Barbison

Barbara Harbison

Many Asbury residents have and continue to travel far and wide, but Barbara Harbison has a record that’s hard to match. She has lived or worked in all 50 states except two. Read More »



Alexine Jackson

Alexine Jackson

National President of the YWCA. Chairman of the Board of the Performing Arts Society, the Community Foundation, Intercultural Cancer Council, Susan B. Komen Foundation. Read More »



Tiiu Kera & Norm Wolfe

Tiiu Kera and Norm Wolfe

For Tiiu Kera and Norm Wolfe, moving to an Asbury Villa in January was the 19th in a long string of moves together. The two have been on the go throughout their military careers – Norm as an Air Force military attorney and procurement officer and Tiiu, a top-ranking intelligence officer and Major General. Read More »


Dan Muller

Dan Muller

There’s always something happening at Asbury, and Dan Muller is usually the first to know about it. As host and producer of Asbury News, the weekly program produced at the Asbury in-house television studio, Dan keeps everyone up to date on what’s new around campus. Read More »


Don Woodward

Don Woodward

By Jan Garman, Diamond Apartments

Most Asbury residents know Donald Woodward best as the competent and genial Dean of Asbury’s Keese School of Continuing Education but few probably realize that he is also an award-winning hydrologist. Read More »


Lihua O'leary

Lihua O’Leary

One of China’s most prolific – not to mention, widely read and respected – authors, Lihua O’Leary used to produce a book a year. Now at 82, having spent several years helping her late husband through his struggles with the effects of childhood polio, she worries she might be losing her touch. Read More »


George Stosur

George Stosur

Many of you have enjoyed lectures by our celebrated Courtyard Homes resident George Stosur, now retired from government service. He is a thrice-appointed Distinguished Lecturer by an international engineering society and, counting other lectures including cruise ships, he has delivered nearly 300 lectures around the world. Read More »



Anita Taylor

Interesting people, exciting opportunities, life-enriching programs — there’s nothing you can’t find at Asbury. And thanks to residents like Anita Taylor, that includes a 17-acre wildlife preserve. As co-chair of the Asbury Wildlife Habitat Team Steering Group, Anita is passionate about preserving wildlife and passing on a livable planet to future generations. Read More »

John Vilforth

John Villforth

Asbury Methodist Village resident John Villforth has been “messing around with photography” since his father handed over the 1916 bellows camera he carried through World War I. John was instantly smitten, not so much with the artistic side, but rather with the technical aspect of taking an image from the eyes to paper. Read More »


David & Janet Lingrell

David and Janet Lingrell

They say the key to happiness is to find something that moves you, and do it every day. That’s not a problem for David and Janet Lingrell, Asbury residents since 2005 and devoted dancers since their first date more than 50 years ago. Read More »



Donna Schramm

Donna Schramm

She grew up in a family that moved from one American Indian reservation to another in Montana following her father’s career in the U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs. Her father‘s transfer to a post in the Interior Department’s Washington office brought even more abrupt change. Read More »


Ann & Jim Utterback

Jim and Ann Utterback

Like many residents of Asbury, Ann and Jim Utterback aren’t retired — if anything, they’re busier than ever since moving to their villa in 2007. Ann’s business as a voice consultant for broadcasters and Jim’s work in theatre design continue, and together they enrich the entertainment opportunities at Asbury, through the Tea Dance Committee, the Keese School of Continuing Education and more. Read More »

Ruth Lotz

Ruth Lotz

From the very beginning, art drew Ruth Lotz to Asbury. On her first day as a resident in 2002, she was asked to bring some of her paintings to the annual Asbury Methodist Village art show. Read More »


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