Assisted Living in Montgomery County

When you live at Kindley Assisted Living in Gaithersburg, so many things become possible. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from having a caring team of people to assist you with living the life you want. Get back to spending your time with family and friends just visiting. Catch the shuttle to go shopping or to lunch.

Kindley is open to Asbury Methodist Village residents, as well as those who do not live on campus. No entrance fee is required for our senior assisted living program.

Not Your Standard Senior Assisted Living Community

Unlike traditional assisted living facilities, Kindley Assisted Living in Maryland is part of a continuing care retirement community – one of the largest in the nation. This provides access to an unparalleled range of programs, amenities and events, including a pool and fitness center, multiple dining venues, a Wildlife Preserve, continuing education, and so many on-campus cultural events, social programs, and great people! Kindley Assisted Living has its own varied, robust calendar of events, designed with resident participation by a full-time program specialist.

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An Exciting New Chapter Awaits

Let senior assisted living in Gaithersburg at Asbury methodist Village be the start of new chapter. Enjoy private apartment living with neighbors and events outside your door.

Kindley is also home to Reflections, a unique, person-centered memory support program located on one floor.

Contact us today to learn more about our one-of-a-kind senior assisted living community in Maryland.

Residents of Kindley Assisted Living Community receive a SARA personal security pendant, which allows them to signal for and receive assistance from anywhere on Asbury Methodist Village’s 134-acre senior living campus. As a member of The Red Cross Ready Rating Program, Kindley is prepared for emergency situations.

Senior living or college campus? See how the Asbury lifestyle compares!

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